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Community Residential Facilities (CRF)

Genesis House opened in July 2000. Built in 1898, it is a large, beautiful, heritage house located at the corner of Carnarvon and Merivale in residential New Westminster, British Columbia. The house has been renovated inside to include additional showers and washrooms. The bedrooms have also been refurbished, and their floors have been restored to the original state. Genesis House can accommodate up to 24 residents in single, double, and triple occupancy rooms.

Maria Keary Cottage opened in March 2010 upon completion of a major construction project that involved heritage restoration of the twin cottages built as rental properties for the widow Maria Keary in 1887 on Carnarvon Street. Samuel Maclure, who later became one of British Columbiaís most eminent architects, designed and built the original houses in the Queen Anne style. Besides restoring the original houses under a Heritage Revitalization Agreement with the City, the Society joined the two houses into one and also added a two-storey addition at the rear. The main entrance to Maria Keary Cottage is now at the north end of the building off Dickenson Street (one block north of Carnarvon). All but one of the fifteen CRF beds are in double occupancy rooms.

Both Genesis House CRF and Maria Keary Cottage CRF specialize in serving men with substance use issues and accept residents on the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program referred by CSC.. Staff at Maria Keary Cottage deliver the only residential program in Canada for men on conditional release living with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) utilizing highly structured and customized interventions that take into account the specific challenges faced by the individual client. The Society accepts men on all forms of conditional release (both provincial and federal). Staff carefully assess a potential client based on his level of motivation and his willingness to follow his correctional/treatment plan and to make the life changes needed to safely and successfully re-enter the community. The Society does not accept CSC referrals for men convicted of sexual offences.

Community Employment Services

The Society's Community Employment Services Coordinator accepts referrals from men and women on conditional release and living in New Westminster and Surrey to assist them to prepare for employment, to obtain a suitable job according to their skills and interests and to maintain their employment.

Transitional and Supported Housing

In addition to the 15 CRF transitional and supported housing beds, Maria Keary Cottage also offers 20 beds for chronically homeless men. Staff of Maria Keary Cottage offer housing and assistance to previously homeless men to help them stabilize their lives and overcome the barriers that keep them homeless.

Both houses are close to public transportation with quick and easy access to most locations in the Lower Mainland. The Columbia SkyTrain station is a short walk away. The New Westminster Community Corrections (Parole) Office is also within walking distance. The Canada Games Pool & Fitness Centre and the Royal City Centre shopping mall are short distances away.

Each house has a Cook and residents can have three meals daily (residents prepare their own breakfast in the morning and all meals on the weekend and on statutory holidays). Coffee is available through the day. There are laundry facilities in both houses. Each house also has sattelite T.V., one or two telephones for local calls and a computer terminal. The houses are staffed with awake staff on a 24/7 basis.


Westcoast Genesis Society
Genesis House

219 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC,  V3L 1B7

Telephone:  604-636-3580
Toll Free:  1-866-515-2950
Facsimile: 604-515-1310

Maria Keary Cottage

305 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC,  V3L 1B9

Telephone:  604-636-3590
Toll Free:  1-866-515-2950
Facsimile: 604-636-0317

(Main entry at rear off Dickenson Street, one block north of Carnarvon)