Westcoast Genesis Society

Help us do more....

The Westcoast Genesis Society gratefully accepts support from the community to better serve clients!

Here are three ways you can help: volunteer your time and skills, do your student practicum with us, or make a donation.


As a volunteer, you will assist with the general operations of the Genesis House CRF and/or the Maria Keary Cottage CRF, have face-to-face interaction with residents, help ensure accountability and security, interface with CSC staff such as Parole Officers, document and write reports. At Maria Keary Cottage, you may also assist in providing services to housing residents.

Check out the general qualifications we seek for all employees (and volunteers). If you think you can make a difference as a volunteer, we would ask that you contact Volunteer Program in the Metro Vancouver East Community Corrections office at 604-600-3766. This office is located in New Westminster. The coordinator will assist you to obtain the necessary security clearance and will orient you to volunteer work in community corrections. Once you have completed this process, you can contact Eva Nemeth or Ravi Cheema if you wish to volunteer.

Apply for a Practicum Placement

A practicum placement will involve the completion of a practicum project and a specific number of practicum hours.

The student will interact extensively with residents (men on conditional release and housing residents) on a daily basis to assist the case management team in providing a balance of support and supervision to clients. This will involve monitoring residents on conditional release to ensure they are in compliance with the terms and conditions of their release and with House Rules. The student will also interact with elements of the criminal justice system and develop industry standard case report writing skills. During the practicum placement, the student will learn best practices approaches and will develop the skills necessary to work with men who face multiple life barriers.

If you think you can make a difference as a practicum student, we would ask that you contact House Manager Eva Nemeth if you wish to apply for a placement at Maria Keary Cottage or House Manager Ravi Cheema if you wish to apply for a placement at Genesis House. There is a screening and interview process, and all practicum students will require security clearance.


Westcoast Genesis Society appreciates the generous support it receives from individuals, community groups and local businesses. The Society is a registered charity and will issue tax receipts for donations to our programs

Our Wish List includes:

  • Groceries
  • Tools
  • Computers
  • Employment Opportunities for Residents
  • Recreation and Event Passes (fitness, games, activities like bowling, movies)

Your kind donation makes a huge difference in the lives of our residents and contributes to their well-being

Or simply call us at 604-636-3590 or email